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Make a Difference

Teaching English will give you the opportunity to help local Chinese students of all ages become global citizens. The Chinese are expanding their reach to the world and are embracing a more global perspective and they believe that the way to achieve this is by learning the language of the world.

By becoming a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL), you will be helping their students – of all ages – to prepare for what awaits them in the English-speaking world. Whether they are in it for academic, business or work purposes, their improved English skills will help them see the world in a clearer perspective. English opens up many opportunities for people both within and outside China. This opportunity to teach in China goes beyond the mere call of employment; this is a chance for you to make a difference in each student’s life and help shape their future.

Learn While Teaching

Teaching English isn’t just about giving to the students – China has a lot to give back to you. From language, to history, to diverse arts, culture and people, China has all that and more to offer to you. Just as much as you help open doors for your Chinese students to see the world, China will open your eyes to a whole new world from a first person perspective.

To teach English China is to get the chance to learn so many new fascinating things that no vacation can ever get to give you. By teaching English in China, you will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, explore the country’s capital, and if you so desire, everywhere else in China.

To teach in China is to get the chance to learn how it is to live in China, to understand their values, their traditions and how they are as a people. China is home to one of the world’s oldest, richest civilizations and the very earth you’d walk on has its own story to tell. And this once in a lifetime opportunity to be as they are and live as they do is perhaps the best way to learn and understand the story of what makes them among the strongest people in the world.

You’ll get to explore China and its many fascinating wonders on a whim and so easily! The availability of cheap trains and flights around China gives you the chance to travel during your spare time.

And more than that, the chance to teach English China is to earn leverage for you. China is rapidly becoming a world superpower – in the future, an understanding of Chinese and the work culture will open up opportunities for you that others can only dream of. When Chinese businesses begin springing up in the world market, your great knowledge of the Chinese people, business ethics and work attitudes, as well as the language, will secure you a spot in their workforce.

Just imagine the depth of being able to bridge the west and the east and open up more opportunities for you simply by becoming an ESL teacher in China.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Come to China and make a difference, learn, earn and have this experience of a lifetime!

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