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China and the need to learn English

Because China is a fast rising global superpower, you would think that it is more valuable for everyone else in the global market to learn Mandarin or Cantonese to be able to start a business partnership with Asia’s dragon. While this much is true for its fellow Asian nations, in China, learning English is even more valuable.

The Chinese have realized that the way to become involved in the international community is to speak the language of the world. Back in the day, the Chinese sent deserving students to schools in America and Europe to hone them. This was commonplace amongst the post-graduate and university students. However, this proved to be less than ideal. Their students, even the best of them, faced problems communicating with their teachers, fellow researchers, students and the community in general. In some cases the language barrier problem proved to be greater than it was thought to be. Furthermore, as China’s economic expanse is reaching greater heights in the global market, they have realized that there is a greater need for them to understand English better.

Companies started raising the bar higher for their employees; good education was no longer enough – it was about who speaks English better. In a country of about a billion people, and where the competition is very tough, it is imperative to be ahead of the game.

And thus the need for more basic and more intensified English learning programs.

This is the beginning of the so-called “English mania” in China and the reason why most every primary school in the country is employing a native speaker to teach English. And ESL tutorial centers and private tutorial agencies have sprung up not only in the urban areas of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou but in the second tier cities as well.

Rise in demand for english teachers

ESL China has, over the past few years, expanded from the simple classroom interaction for elementary school students to employing an English teacher for preschool children as young as 3. Most upper middle class and middle class families have also hired the services of private tutors – something which has become a status symbol for these families too.

The need is so high that even when there are constant arrivals of new English teachers from abroad, the demand remains surprisingly high. The need, as well, is so varied that people of different backgrounds are hired to teach English. The majority of the students in China are looking to learn conversational English – something that they can use for everyday communication needs. Other subjects include Written English, Legal English, and Business English among many others.

Teaching ESL China is open to anyone who is not only interested in the teaching profession but also for those who are looking for a valuable experience and an unforgettable Chinese living experience. You can be a high school or college graduate looking to spend your gap year, a young teacher or a middle-aged professional looking for something adventurous.

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